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Reaching Out to the Sun

Welcome to our sisterhood of inner healing and self care for sobriety

Studying at Home


Here at SHS, we welcome all, whether you are in active addiction, a sober veteran or simply wanting to find the fun in life without alcohol.

We are passionate about self care, creativity and tapping in to our natural ability to heal ourselves. 


our aim is to build a safe community in which women can meet like minded people, explore their own creativity and tap into their ability to heal. 


we are currently setting up our workshops, so please scroll down and click on a link, or fill out the contact form to register your interest....don't forget to subscribe! this way we can keep you up-to date with all events and maybe pop you a sneaky discount in...




Welcome to the services we offer, please subscribe and get in touch with any queries

Holding Hands

Full Day Group Workshop (in person)

We are piecing together a workshop that we will hold in person. 
The workshop will include a journal and journaling lesson, creative writing class, craft lessons, a group makeup lesson, mindset workshop, a gift bag and lunch 

Holding Hands

One to one video support

Breaking addiction and self healing can be a very personal and private affair to navigate. I offer a one to one weekly video call to offer support and understanding as well as practical exercises for you to try at home. 
Initial free call of 15 minutes to discuss needs and expectations. Length of support will be determined after this call. 
Price based on amount of one to one support agreed. 

Laptop & Coffee

Virtual healing and creativity Workshop

Join my virtual workshop from anywhere in the world! 
At SHS we understand that getting or living a sober life can be tough, you feel like alcohol is everywhere and it’s hard to fill that time with something you enjoy without alcohol lingering in the background. 
Here’s where we come in!! 
We believe that through inner work, self care and self healing practices, alongside creative hobbies, you can create a life fully sober, that is fulfilling and one that you will love.
We will offer various classes that will introduce you to creative hobbies, with a hope of inspiring your own inner creative side, we will also be on hand for support, and offer plenty of self care practices and tools so that you can build your own soberiety tool kit. 

The workshop includes

-self care and self healing guides to work through at your own pace
- various creative inspirations and weekly 'share your craft' section
- weekly makeup lessons to help give confidence in applying makeup and developing good skin care
- weekly group video call coffee afternoon
- Q & A weekly
- motivational videos
- journaling workshop plus additional documents you can access and re-read any time
- VIP access to a private Facebook community group to connect with others and access more content, including live videos on a variety of topics 
- yoga and meditation virtual classes weekly (extra small fee)
- creative writing classes including a friendly competition for the best piece submitted

Once you have signed up you have lifetime access to the VIP Facebook group and can access content at your convenience with no time limit. 

Ready to improve your life?

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