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Take my hand

Saw this yesterday and I love it.

None of us know what we are doing or meant to be doing. But some of us have made enough mistakes and recognised them as the mistakes that they can help you find your own path. by simply walking beside you and pointing out the flowers when you’re so focused on the weeds, by Lifting your head to see the sunset when you’re too busy looking at your feet, and holding you up with love and care when you get tired.

I’m here to support anyone I can, I’m very lucky as I have my own support too. I’m learning too, I’m growing and healing too, I can hold anyone’s hand who wants to join me on this journey.

Inner healing is vital, self reflection is a must, but sometimes you need someone to sit beside you and hold the torch when it becomes too heavy, and they hold it for you so that you can still see the light when the world feels so dark.

Help anyone you can, let others help you where they can. Together, when we practice love and healing, we are stronger. The guilt you carry keeps you in the dark, it keeps you in the past, you are worthy of healing, you are worthy of love. Forgive yourself and allow yourself to lay down your past burdens of shame and guilt. When You heal yourself you heal others too.

Healing spreads just as disease spreads. When you heal in a way that’s not expected of you, it’s seen as a miracle from others, when others witness a miracle they are drawn to it, they want that experience… then your healing triggers their own self reflection to enable their healing.

Be the miracle. Love yourself so much that healing and recovery is your only option.

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