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The power of individual change

Not one person on this planet is 100% happy with the way the world is, not one.

Yet we void ourselves of all responsibility because we look at the whole world to be the change when all it actually takes is for us to change ourselves. That’s it. Don’t look to what your friend’s or family are doing and point at their mistakes. Just look at your own. Fix your own.


Because no one wants to be a victim of the awful things we do to each other- yet they are happy to inflict them, because they believe they are more powerful, above any reprisals for their actions, yet if every person only did to others what they want done to them, all the hate, gossip, abuse etc would end. Immediately. And I find it crazy that we don’t make that instant and simple switch. That we CHOOSE to buy in to having no control over the world.

to change this world it’s going to take individual commitment by each and every human to be loving above everything else.

Every person. Before you say

‘well they treat me this way and they won’t change so the world won’t change’ mind your business. Nothing to do with you. Just focus inwards. The more people that shine their light, the more others will follow. Others behaviour is none of your concern. Deal with your own.

You cannot look at the world around you and say

“When they change I will change”

“When they treat me better then I’ll be happy”

It’s insanity. You have the power to be happy right now, in this moment. The past has gone, you can’t change the things that happened to you, they are done, but by CHOOSING to replay them in your mind, Or in your conversations and in your heart you are reliving the very thing you are trying to free yourself from. Can you see how crazy that is? THEN we say we can’t stop it and we can’t help it, these thoughts come and we have NO CONTROL, that is bullshit. You have ALL the control, you’ve just bought in to the notion that you are your mind and if it kicks out unpleasant thoughts then you as a person must be defective. It’s just thought. It’s not real.

Choose to observe the unpleasant thoughts and realise nothing is happening around you physically to support them UNTIL you decide to act on the thoughts. Let them pass through. Replace them with happy ones.

You cannot create a better future by playing out every negative scenario you can think of in order to protect yourself… what are you protecting yourself from?

You need protecting from yourself!! Your ego self.

You create the world you see through your predominant feelings and thoughts. Don’t think your mind is that powerful?

Placebo effect… the ability to heal through suggestion only. Through the mind. We know this is real yet we choose to ignore it. If you think and believe something enough it changes you as a person and how you see the world. It’s fact. It’s universal law.

Wake up. Stop believing you are a tiny individual with no power to change the world. The world can’t change without you. THE WORLD CAN NOT CHANGE WITHOUT YOU.

All I’m asking is for you to consider for one minute that you start to be kind, always. Feel like gossiping? Take a breath, observe the feeling- recognise it’s just your ego wanting to make you feel better than the other. Laugh at your ego- we all have one, we all have that voice that wants to create separation between us and the world. It wants to make you believe you are better, or worse than everyone else. It wants to keep you living in the past and afraid of your future. Because the ego isn’t real it can only thrive in your imagination.

Live in the present. Your ego can’t survive there, because the present moment is real and the ego does not like reality- it can’t distort the present moment and presence, it can only distort imaginary past and future scenarios.

When someone says something hurtful-feel that hurt, why is it there? It hurts because your ego has taken offence, it’s only their ego trying to rouse yours into a fight. Don’t play. Breathe. It will pass. Forgive every single person who you believe has wronged you.

They didn’t know any better, they were being run by their ego the same as you are. Forgive for yourself too- Let it go.

We are not meant to live in a state of fear and depression. It’s unnatural to us at our core, that’s why it hurts. The world we are in is a product of collective ego looking for dominance and control, material things and so called progression. But we are being repressed. We are meant to live in a state of joy and contentment. What are we all working for? More stuff? When there’s people without basic food and we’re working ourselves into the ground for better this, better that? It’s madness. what are we all running around like crazy people for? Because we have more now than what we’ve ever had but we’re still not happy.

Because STUFF doesn’t make you happy. If it did rich people wouldn’t be touched by depression or anxiety and people who are the most poverty stricken would never laugh.

Wake up. There is a better way. But we can only do this if the collective take individual ownership of their ability to change themselves. Lead by example not by force. Not by comparison.

Shine your fucking light so bright that the darkness can’t get near.

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