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Today I prayed

Today I prayed, I started this practice last year when I was lost and engulfed by addiction.

Lately I have been laying out the foundations for others, to help in their recovery and I missed one vital element….To do the work myself!

Thankfully my blip was minor, but the effect it has had on me has been profound. It has enabled me to shine a light on my own self limiting beliefs, my own inner work that I still need to do. It has enabled me to regroup and practice what I preach.

So yesterday I prayed. Today I prayed. I’m not Religious, but I do identify with spirituality,and prayer, for me, is a way for me to reconnect with the light within me, it helps me refocus my attention on the work I need to do to be the best possible version of myself.

I ask for guidance, I ask for help, I say I wish to learn from the experience and that I trust all will be well.

Whether you are religious or spiritual or neither, I highly recommend trying prayer as a way to connect to yourself. As a way of accepting and surrendering to the situation you are in and a faith that you will find a way.

All of the self sabotaging behaviours we engage in come from a lack of inner work. They come from fear of the feelings surrounding them and they greatly hold us back from our true potential.

Today I’m smashing through my self sabotaging, self limiting beliefs. I KNOW how to do this, but I just didn’t, I got complacent. So I got smacked in the face with the work I still had to do.

Either you work on those negative beliefs or they will work on you.

Decide to take control.

Through my slip I have had a kick up the arse, I’ve been shown that I need to work on those emotions and I’m grateful for that.

The reality is….I had 4 drinks, nothing bad happened, I stopped, and threw my last drink away…. It could have been WAY worse. But, I’ve gained more from that experience than it took from me. I’ve gained the realisation that I wasn’t doing the work fully, I was buying in to my thoughts and I was not being honest with myself about the sneaky little thoughts. How amazing is that really??? My desire to improve gave me a slap across the face and showed me where I need to focus my attention to be better.

You CAN decide. you can decide to slip and allow yourself to give up and fall further into the abyss, or, you can use a slip as an opportunity to grow and heal further. To be more self aware.

I am not my addiction
I am worthy
I am loved
I am willing to improve.

If you need help with how to start on your own self limiting beliefs I’m here. Helping you helps me, and helping myself helps you. We are stronger together in triumph and tribulations. Through honesty about our struggles we create space for healing. We learn and we grow. And addiction isn’t an end goal that when you get there you’ve nailed it. It’s a journey, it’s a lifestyle and it’s one that takes continuous awareness. Because the minute you take your eye off the path you are on, you are in danger of tripping. Stay focused. Stay honest to yourself. Be aware of EVERY thought.

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